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About Win2cache

This program speeds up all Windows 95/98 versions in case not all RAM 
is cached by Level 2 cache. Mostly this concerns computers based on Intel 
430FX, 430VX and 430TX chipsets with more than 64 MB RAM installed.

How it works 

Extended memory (XMS) is allocated from upper addresses to lower. If L2 
cache does not serves all RAM then Windows kernel will be loaded into 
non-cached part of RAM. Windows will work slower. Furthermore almost all 
programs will work slower because they use Windows modules to execute a wide 
range of operations. Since Windows modules are in non-cached memory they run 
Win2cache starts after Windows extended mode kernel (VMM and VxDs) is 
loaded but prior to Windows graphic kernel, drivers and shared libraries 
loading. Win2cache 'eats up' all extended memory except 30 MB. According to 
memory manager rules this free 30 MB will be in the lower part (cached) memory.
Then Win2cache stays resident and finishes work and Windows can continue 
loading. But now Windows graphic kernel, drivers and shared libraries will 
be loaded into cached memory and will work faster.
Resident module waits until Windows finishes initialization (loading) 
and then returns all 'eaten up' extended memory to Windows memory manager. 
This occurs before you are able to run any programs.
An application you start may get to cached memory, uncached memory or 
partly to cached and uncached memory. It may use shared modules intensively 
on not use them at all. Accordingly application's performance may increase 
noticeably, stay the same or even slightly decrease compared to configuration 
without Win2cache. But performance decreasing is much less probable then 


In heavily loaded systems the Win2бache effect may degrade until full 
disappearance of speeding up. I'll try to avoid such degradation in future 
Current version returns speeding up after reboot. 


If WINSTART.BAT already exists just combine two files into one. Reboot 
Look into WIN2CACHE.LOG file in WINDOWS folder whether Win2cache is 
installed. Unfortunately, Windows manages memory differently on different 
machines and may prevent Win2cache from running. If you are out of luck 
please, wait for a next version. Your donation will help in its development. 


This program will not work under Windows NT or Windows 2000.
I don't know whether it will work under Windows 3.x or not. If anyone 
will be interested in applying Win2cache to Windows 3.x please, contact 
me (
Do not run Win2cache from AUTOEXEC.BAT!!! Windows will then use only 
32 MB RAM.
Since Win2cache is running in system virtual machine it's resident 
module cannot be seen by any DOS program and cannot affect such programs.

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